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“I was given Matthew’s information by referral and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. There is not one thing I can complain about. I have used several insurance companies and my experience with Matthew has been, by far, the best. Without getting too personal, Matthew and his expertise enabled me to get a new and more affordable car insurance without cutting corners or compromising my peace of mind.

Matthew took his time answering ALL of my questions and concerns, in a very timely manner, even when I wasn’t so timely, and as thoroughly as possible. I never felt pressured to choose this coverage which is important to me and I really appreciate that.

Thank you, Matthew, so much, for your kind words and patience through this, averted, disaster. Thank you for being forthcoming and providing me with great service and advice.”


“Matt of Hahn Insurance Agency has been incredible to work with. Comparing him and his business to former insurance agencies has been night and day. The time and care he puts in to make my family have peace of mind, as well as excellent coverage – is unparalleled! Do not hesitate to call Matt and his team, they are incredible.”

– Matthew & Hannah

“Matt Hahn has provided us exemplary personal care in meeting our insurance needs. He is honest, dependable and responsive. We have received great personal care without our rates increasing from our previous insurance carrier. Soooo glad we made the switch to Farmer’s and Matt as our agent.”

– Barry and Sandi